Spiderman 3 and a day in court

Last night I finally got around to seeing the first of the summer tent pole movies, Spiderman 3 and whilst I wasn’t disappointed it didn’t reach the dizzy heights (for summer tent pole movies that is) of the previous two films.

The first problem was that it was a good twenty to thirty minutes too long. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind films that are long (I prefer the term glacial) as long as something is happening. However a good fifteen of these minutes are what can only be described as “Emo Peter Parker” – yes I understand that its supposed to be about Parker giving in to the power he has but it felt a little too forced. Having said that Maguire did show a flair for cringe-worthy comedy at stages. Venom also felt forced, although how on earth you sensibly introduce a symbiotic alien goo into a film I don’t know.

There was good though, Thomas Hayden-Church was very understated in the “emotionally flawed villain role” and James Franco did similar. However the film was stolen from everyone by Bruce Campbell’s turn as a snooty waiter and J K Simmons as J Jonah Jameson, both of whom had their tongues so firmly planted in their cheeks that from certain angles they could almost have been playing in a porn movie.

Hopefully Zodiac tonight will provide an antidote to a lack of plotting in films.

Of course first I’ve got to survive my day in court – no I haven’t done anything myself but I am a witness (nothing exciting though so no juicy details). Can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to the experience but I have got a good book for the inevitable wait.

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