Volta (and American III) = Full iPod

Today marks a turning point as no longer can I just download my music collection on to my iPod. Instead having reached the limits of its tiny little hard drive I will now be forced to manage my collection until I can get around to getting a replacement – one which hopefully I won’t fill up quite so quickly.

In hindsight 20Gb was never really going to be enough. The big question is how do I manage my collection? When I leave for work in the morning I never really know what I want to listen to. My psychic iPod got around this with the wonderful shuffle, but now I’m going to be wondering what it might have chosen to play out of my missing collection.

The last two additions couldn’t have been more different, Bjork and Johnny Cash. Sitting in an almost empty office at work I’ve finally got around to listening to both and so far its all been good. Votla marks a return to form for Bjork after the appalling Drawing Restraint No. 9, gone are the sounds of whales humping and instead we actually have something approaching a mix of the fun of Post and the song writing of Vespertine.

American III is precisely what you expect it to be, another collection of cover versions turned out in a typical Cash style. Less gimicky that American IV (yes, I’m working backwards through them) the stand out track is his cover of Nick Cave’s “The Mercy Seat” sung in his self-loathing style.

Lastly on an unrelated note I must comment how impressed I am with the administrators of Maelstrom. Having signed for the next event they had problems with their database that weren’t apparent to me. Rather than sort it at a later date they have sent me numerous emails updating me on the situation (without me asking) and have gone out of their way to ensure that I had confidence in them as a company. All very impresive.

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