Everything sounds like Coldplay now…

For those of you not familiar with the genius of Mitch Benn, everything apparently sounds like Coldplay now. Except it doesn’t. What it really sounds like is generic Skater Rock ™, a generic sound of young men and women pretending to be angry despite receiving three square meals a day and still being given their allowance.

Tonight was spent in The Rigger to celebrate JC’s birthday, and all it succeeded in doing was making me feel old. Prior to the rest turning up there was a band on, playing the aforementioned Skater Rock ™ and it just sounded so like the rest of what is being pumped out of commercial stations (and Radio One) that I just felt depressed. They even managed to screw up “Ever Fallen In Love With Someone” into some guitar laden monstrosity – a feat that I previously thought was impossible – rather than the simple pop tune that it should be. Once the company turned up the night was grand, but prior to that it just sank into dirge territory.

Little wonder that I’m finding myself increasingly looking in the vintage section of record shops. In fact I can’t even remember the last album I bought on the day of its release, so depressed am I with the state of “modern music”. The other thing is that bars fall into two categories, either bland Euro-disco/dance or Rock (with a definite capital R). Aside from The Brown Jug I’m hard pressed to think of a jazz bar or even rarer ambient dance / techno / noodlings bar, making finding somewhere that plays what I really want to listen to increasingly hard. I can’t be the only person looking for a bar that caters for my tastes (and serves good beer), but I guess I’m not commercial enough.

Away from the popular scene Glyndebourne have announced their touring schedule and it’s a crying shame that they aren’t touring with Tristan & Isolde as this would have completed my schedule of Essential Wagner for this year. Instead we get L’elisir d’amore, Macbeth & Albert Herring. Rumour had it that they may have been considering Death In Venice (also by Britten) but the technical aspects mean that it isn’t suited to touring. October and November look to be busy opera wise, meaning that there is at least a light at the end of the musical tunnel.

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