That’s not a question…

It’s a statement of opinion which you’ve shoe-horned a question mark onto the end of.

It’s a growing trend I’ve noticed at the last few seminar’s that I’ve been to. When the speaker asks are there any questions you don’t get any – instead you get a series of people’s opinions about the subject which are cunningly disguised (or not so in many cases) as a question by the voice rising at the end. Last night I had to sit through half an hour of such opinionating, one “question” even going on for five minutes and being so obtuse that my colleagues and I had to look at each other to try to figure out which part of it could possibly be a question.

If it takes more than a minute to ask its probably not a question, its a statement that you are asking others to agree on.

Other than that the seminar was great, although I won’t bore you all with the details (suffice to say that involved architecture, culverts and traffic lights – I found it interesting).

Moving on, todays controversy which no doubt will see tomorrows headlines calling for his resignation is Jim Gamble, the head of CEOP and his questioning of the manner in which paedophiles should be treated. In what can only be described as a genius piece of journalistic bout making, The Today Programme discussed this as part of its 8 o’clock slot this morning (the interview can be found here, although be warned it does require Real Player to listen to). It’s main participants?

Ran Wye, Director of RWA (UK) and Graham Dudman, Managing Editor of The Sun (RWA is a child protection agency for those not in the know). One argued that the comments had probably been taken out of context and we should probably look at what was being said and have a sensible discussion.

The other that flogging was too good for ’em!

I’ll let you figure out which was which.

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