Only Citizens Can Vote!

The problem with all speculative fiction is that it sometimes can become fact – or at least make the move towards it in a way that both amuses and disturbs in equal measure.

Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly and Immigration Minister Liam Bryne are today putting forward a proposal to have a National British Day to celebrate the community – something I have no problem with (although I’m slightly worried that it could get hijacked in a similar fashion to St. George’s Day a couple of years ago when it threatened to become “Racist Loon Day” *). However, tacked onto the back of this proposal is another where immigrants could earn points towards becoming citizens by becoming involved in voluntary work.

Suddenly I couldn’t get the idea of Michael Ironside telling a group of fresh faced recruits that “Only Citizens Can Vote!” in Starship Troopers. If John Reid were to loose a couple of pounds and get an irony transplant I could see him doing a decent approximation of it in the future.

Now, I can sort of see where they are coming from with this (which doesn’t mean I agree wholeheartedly), but I’m now worried about how long it is before someone suggests that this is the only way for people to become citizens – so your escaping your war torn country where your family was threatened with execution? Fine, but have you spent long enough helping Mrs. Crabapple cross the road to even see the form? What if the demands start to go even further?

Moving on to lighter matters I feel somewhat contractually obliged to comment on the new Olympic Logo. Now I don’t actually think that its all that bad – yes it needs a little bit of spit and polish – and I can see what they were trying to do. However it does have one glaring fault.

If you look at the logo as it has primarily been designed (i.e. in its fully animated state) its a fantastic – if slightly epileptic – jumble of colour and shape that works, if a little retro in its design (it looks like the intro to an 80’s chart show). It will work great on TV and on the internet. However in its static form its a little less inspiring and unfortunately its that version that will end up printed on T-Shirts and everything else, making it a bit of a dead duck.

Hopefully they’ll figure this out by the time they make the first revision…

*Yes, that’s the polite version of what some were calling it.

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