Camping – man portable?

One of the appeals of camping is that its pretty much supposed to be man portable – something that I pretty much draw issue with. On the previous occasions that I’ve been camping my car has looked as if its geared up to overthrow a small country and today is no exception.

This afternoon I’ll be off to Maelstrom for the first time and whilst I’m excited at the prospect there is also a fair amount of trepidation – the last time I went to anything similar I was still an undergraduate (and typing that has made me feel soooooo old). I’m not expecting that much to have changed but I have. I’m intending to throw myself in at the deep end this time, although those who know what this can mean will probably nw be cautious of that statement.

Anyway, hopefully there’ll be an update of the weekends events either on Sunday (if I’m still awake enough to post) or Monday.

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