I’m still finding new aches and pains…

But the weekend was wonderful. I now need as much sleep as possible but I feel tired and achy in a good way. My first Maelstrom type event was great, now counting down towards the end of July and C and K are now looking to come to the next event (hopefully).

Everyone was wonderfully friendly and the weather was great (although Saturday afternoon was a little too hot at times) – special mention to the Winter Palace Guard and the fact that they had a vodka that I could actually drink without the need to do a Linda Blair impression. Whilst I had slight reservations beforehand about the whole “completely player driven” element they have managed to pull it off completely, nothing felt as if it wasn’t as a result of a player decision.

Work seems a little dull by comparison – not having the constant threat of armed conflict (or Mauve Alert as someone joked) is doing nothing to produce the adrenalin I need to get through the afternoon, to quote Full Metal Jacket “Animal Mother here is one of the finest human beings on the planet – he just needs someone to throw hand grenades at him for the rest of his life” seems right, adjusting back to reality is proving difficult.

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