That’s the wrong wall…

Some will be aware of the continuing bane of my working life that resides in a small town to the north of Manchester – professional courtesy prevents me from giving any further clues to where it is but some people will know where it is. Anyway the saga continues and various parties returned last week to do remedial works to one of the walls.

I inquired this morning how it went only to be met with howls of laughter from IB, apparently they’d gone there to witness the works only to find them working on the wrong wall…

These are the same people who once commented “I didn’t know you wanted us to build it like the plan?“. Rumours that they were also contracted by the Nazi’s to dig for the Ark of the Covenant during WWII have still to be confirmed…

Away from that we are busy looking for a new student for the office ranks and have so far been pleasantly surprised by the standard of work at most student exhibitions. Looking back though it makes you realise one important fact. Architecture students can bullshit with the best of them. My favourite so far, “this scheme is an attempt to create a meaningful street scape, not a pile of homogenised wank“. The worst thing is we all secretly acknowledged that we were all probably producing similar commentary when we were at university.

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