I seem to have forgotten HTML…

Its strange, four months ago I could do (passable) HTML with little difficulty, but a lack of recent practice has left me struggling this morning to make sense of what I am doing and continually reaching for the guide book.

As a company we’ve been recently been chasing a major new client and having successfully completed a few other stages we are now gearing up for a presentation to them next week. Rather than go down the PowerPoint route I have suggested that we build a mini website as this will allow us to better navigate between information when we are in the Q & A stage of the interview. The only problem is that my HTML skills have become more than a little rusty and everything seems to be taking me twice as long as it would a few months ago – ah well, you live and learn (and then forget apparently).

Away from my dwindling IT skills things seem pretty good at the moment, although I am worried as to how much I need ot get done this week in order to have a decent presentation ready for next week. Thankfully all my other projects seem to be ticking over nicely at the moment, so barring fire, theft or insolvency I should be able to concentrate on this project with few distractions.

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