I must be invisible…

One of the things you begin to appreciate as a cyclist is that there are some drivers who have absolutely no idea that there are other people using the road – not just cyclists (although I think we must be especially invisible), but everyone else who may possibly be sharing the road with them. This morning I’ve had half-a-dozen vans pull out of me and another try to ram me (I was approaching them, they were parked on the pavement, they got in their car and then just pulled off the pavement towards me).

Interestingly I’ve noticed that the bigger the car is, the less space they are willing to give you (even if the road is clear for miles). Since I’ve started cycling I’ve tried to give cyclists as much space as possible.

Away from people attempting to run me over (and getting soaked in the frequent downpours) I haven’t forgotten the Photoshop Challenge but work seems to have multiplied leaving me little free time to try and produce anything. I’ll make a concerted attempt this week, but I’m promising nothing.

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