This conversation just took a turn for the weird…

I’m an occasional player of Eve Online, I like it as a MMORPG because you tend to get a saner type of player than what I’ve come to expect from the genre. Indeed in the two years I’ve been playing it I can’t really remember a conversation falling into the normal “I pwnd you noob!” that people have come to expect -except last night.

Him:   How old are you?
Me:      Thirties.
Him:   Are you married?
Me:      Nope.
Him:    Will you be my wife? I’m 15, its legal in Denmark…

From there I questioned whether he was making a joke at the expense of “Russian Brides” but instead it turned into him just throwing insults at me despite not knowing me from Adam. As someone far wiser than me pointed out;

Sane Person + Anonymity of the Internet = Total Dickwad.

It’s the one bad experience I’ve had on the game and hopefully the last , but its weird to think that some people get their jollies from this kind of behavior.

Away from that, the recent terrorist linked arrests have taken a turn for the scary with a number of the properties being searched less than a mile from where I live. I’m not paranoid about these things – hell, despite what the media says there are now less attacks than there were at the height of the IRA’s actions – but if it turns out to be correct it proves the thing about sleeper cells is that you never know where they are until its too late.

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