Its not Lupus…

After days of coughing fits I finally dragged myself to the doctors this morning only to be told that its a chest infection that is complicated by my asthma. One course of antibiotics and steroids later and I should be fine, although I am left wondering why illness always chooses when I have time off to strike.

Of course the last few days seem to have been a blur. After Monkey last Thursday there was a meal with work on Friday (which was distinctly meh…) followed by B & G’s wedding on Saturday – which was lovely. I’ve spent the two days since recuperating, which combined with my infection means that all my good intentions have so far gone out of the window.

As I said, the wedding was wonderful. Far more relaxed than any wedding I’ve previously been to, it was the sort of day that everyone would enjoy – most importantly the Bride & Groom (who appeared to have none of the normal wedding problems to deal with). It was nice also to finally meet some of B’s other friends having heard so much about them over the years. And a final thank you should go to whoever is in charge of the weather at the moment as after a few days fears that it was going to be washed out by buckets of torrential rain the clouds finally parted and the sun shone down on the whole proceedings.

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