I don’t / do want a bigger car!

My car once again looks like I’m getting ready to invade another country, which can mean only one thing – yes, I’ve got another weekend of LARP’ing. However this time I’m not just hauling my stuff, but two others and their stuff as well.

Hell, to look in the back of my car I could be getting ready to invade a small continent. Space in my car is now at a premium – sure the drivers compartment is free of clutter, but I can’t say the same about the rest of the car.

Which leads me once again to question whether I need a bigger car? Now at the moment I refuse to buy a car that has more than two doors (three including the boot for pedantic types) – I’m single with no dependents so I don’t really need anything bigger. Keeping down the size means reducing the weight and getting a smaller, more economical (but still nippy) engine meaning I can have fun without constantly worrying about my insurance premium.

However, it looks like I’m increasingly carting larger and larger quantities of stuff and cramming it all into Charlie becomes an exercise in three dimensional Tetris, only with squiggy pieces.

Even if I do get something bigger next time, I still want it to be fairly small, nippy and with as good an emissions rating as I can get without venturing into the scary world of hybrids. Or is this just jitters about driving a long way in a car with reduced visibility tonight?

Anyway, possible update on both situations on Monday.

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