Maelstrom versus Potter

Back in work after a weekend away at Maelstrom and fortunately Reality Sickness doesn’t seem to have hit me quite as badly this time. Work still feels a little weird, but as I’m busy I’m not getting too much chance to realise I’ve just spent two days in a field. It was wonderful once again and I feel that I’ve really got a handle on the direction I want to go in now for future events.

I am however anxious to get home and read more of Potter. Other had broken down and bought their own copy because they couldn’t wait till I got mine (which I’m now assuming C to have read cover to cover) so I managed to grab a quick read of theirs last night. I only intended to read the first chapter, just to see what it was like – one hundred and fifty pages later I realised I probably needed some sleep before work today.

Hopefully I’ll be able to retrieve my copy tonight and then get it finished, Monday night is supposed to be Corp Night for Eve but my general levels of fatigue and a desire to finish the bloody thing so I can discuss it with others is now just too overwhelming. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

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