Went to see it last night and I must admit that I’ve got mixed feelings about it. It was pretty much what I expected it to be, but like everyone I secretely hope that something will turnout to be more than we expect. Looking for hidden depths in a Michael Bay film is probably not a good place to start.

But for everything I dislike about it (there was nothing I hated), there is a good counterpoint. Firstly, the plot is absolute tosh of the highest order, but the script itself zings. Dialogue (particularly from LeBeouf’s) is snappy, fun and playful – the comedy surprisingly light (leading you to wonder what Bay could do if his promised “small film” was a comedy) and aimed at all ages. Ignore the plot and just listen to the wonderful one liners.

The direction isn’t without problems (shaky-cam I’m looking at you), but it never lets the pace falter once things get started and it certainly puts you in the heart of the action. For once virtual stunt men work, its just a shame that all of them are twenty foot death peddling machines.

Which brings us to the one thing that cannot be faulted, the effects. A new dictionary definition of flawless effects has just been written, one made all the more impressive by the fact that it cost less than $150 Million. This is by far the cheapest of the summer blockbusters but every ounce of cash spent on it is up there on the screen. Hopefully this may lead to people cutting back on budgets and realising what they can do with that amount rather than the $250 Million it has become recently.

So, would I recommend it? Yes, but be sure to turn your brain off before going to see it and you’ll be okay.

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