I know that others have already commented about how absolutely fab this film is on LJ, but honestly having seen it last night (and planning on dragging my parents to see it on Thursday) I cannot say how good this actually is. No other film this year has had me smiling from start to finish and crying with laughter so much.

Yes, it better than the John Waters original, and yes, it is very true to the original (even so far as having much of the same humour). I’m rapidly coming to a conclusion that James Marsden was born in the wrong decade, if he’d been in fifties Hollywood his career would have been much bigger than it is already. Travolta and Walken bring just enough of tongue in cheek and everyone looks as if they had a blast making it.

Unsurprisingly Queen Latifa manages to outshine everyone when it comes to belting out songs, but even she has difficulty competing with the younger elements of the cast (all of whom are excellent).

If you haven’t been to see it then do so, it really is good.

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