It would appear that I spoke too soon…

Further to my post on Friday it would appear that I didn’t give the lucky rabbits foot enough of a shake after commenting that things at “The Site That Shall Not Be Named” now appeared to be going swimmingly as at this very moment I seem to the steeling myself up for an argument with the contractor. In all future instances I will no longer be so foolish as to court trouble in such an obvious manner.

It also looks like soon I will once again begin a series of regular journeys north of the border, vastly pushing up my mileage for the next twelve months but at least meaning that I get to spend more time in Glasgow (which is a wonderful place). Of course, things may change and I may also be travelling increasingly south but one thing will remain consistent – I will have no jobs in the Greater Manchester Area! I’m not actually complaining about this as I like the travel, but it would be nice to be able to point at something in the vicinity of most of the people I know and say “I did that!”.

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