Knocked Up & Cranky

No, not the latest performing arts duo to hit the circuit  but a description of last night. Went to see Knocked Up (more of which later) and was kept awake by trampolines, hence my feeling cranky this morning.

It’s not as odd as it sounds – one of our next door neighbours appears to have bought a large enclosed trampoline (something I have a long standing aversion to due to an ankle dislocation) for their kid. I didn’t notice it when I first got home, although I don’t think it had been put up by that stage but on returning from the cinema last night it appeared that Junior had been put to bed and now Mum & Dad (not mine) were having a go on it.

Fair enough.

Anyway, following a brief spell in which I watched about half an hour of Brazil (had forgotten how good it was) and winded down I went to bed due to my usual early start. Mum & Dad were still happily bouncing away and were now apparently drunk, shouting at each other in what sounded remarkably like a cage match (I did at one point check that it wasn’t acrobatic sex that was keeping me awake). The time was 12:05.

At 01:15 they were still at it and despite numerous attempts to cover my ears I could still heart them – I must have gotten to sleep at some stage but I don’t know when. I suspect I’m now functioning on something like five hours sleep.

Knocked Up was a surprise – usually I’m not a fan of gross out comedy but the number of good things I’d heard about this suggested that it was worth a go. I’m glad I went.

It’s not going to win any awards but beneath all of the jokes about bodily functions lies a surprisingly sweet little comedy about coming to terms with having to change your life and take responsibility. Its well acted – in particular Leslie Mann as the sister – and isn’t afraid to occasionally get a bit more serious, but never in a patronising way. All in all a nice low key film far removed from the the large scale cgi-fests that have marked the rest of the summer.

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