I seem to have developed an overwhelming hatred of…

Jeremy Vine.

For a long time he was easy to ignore, you just didn’t listen to Radio 2 – which also had the added bonus of meaning you didn’t have to listen to the same idiots who continually foul up the BBC’s website with their comments. However since he became the face of Panorama he has become harder to ignore and this is why I think I’ve taken such a dislike to him – he’s responsible for the dumbing down of what used to be one of the best current affairs shows on British TV. They may as well of just hired Nicky Campbell and had done with it.

Last nights proved a particularly low point tackling what are refered to as NEWT’s (No Education, Work or Training). However as an example of the sloppy journalism that is now typical of the show the acronym was explained as No Education, Employment or Training – it just shows there isn’t the same level of care any more. Worse however was the sense that the results had been doctored to put across a political agenda, three men were followed and achieved the goal of gaining employment but you got the sense that the same had probably happened with others but that they didn’t quite fit. The show also descended into the sort of casual Daily Mail racism that it used to be above and pointing the finger at Polish workers – that’s original!

It’s not just the BBC that is dumbing down the news, it feels increasingly difficult to get quality news and that’s a depressing situation. Sure, there are places you can look but more than ever you get the sense that everyone has an agenda (not that this wasn’t true in the past – it just seems more blatant now).

Or maybe I’m just turning into a gronard…

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