Maelstrom & Aftermath

Back in work and not feeling that much like it after a weekend away at Maelstrom, reality sickness hasn’t really affected me before but today my general level of fatigue combined with a burgeoning head cold means that I’m finding it really difficult to concentrate on things.

Maelstrom was great, on an OOC level I got to catch up with a number of people (some of whom I hadn’t seen for years), drank and ate a lot (far more than previous events) and even bought a new shiny – all I need to do now is actually fond some way of purchasing the same IC.

IC things finally seem to be starting to come together. I’ve made links with a number of other parties interested in similar fields to myself and have managed to get a grasp on some of the wider game issues, hopefully come the next event I’ll be able to start capitalising on these links properly.

The only complication all weekend was my car getting a puncture on the way to Gainsborough on the Friday morning meaning that I had to unload the car by the side of the road, change the wheel for the spare and then pack everything up again. Wen’t to get this sorted theis morning and found that my two front tyres were on teh cusp as well so they needed replacing. The tyre place has a four for three deal but it’s still cost me the price of three low rim, wide traction tyres which is close to extortionate (although not in the Audi / BMW etc.) bracket.

Ah well, back to reality I suppose…

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