Head colds & driving

The head cold that I had at the start of the week seems to be on its way out, although it has had a serious effect on the amount of tea & coffee I’ve drunk this week (although I’m feeling surprisingly better as a result of this). Unfortunately it seems to be on the cusp of becoming another chest infection so I’m keen to get that cleared up ahead of my holidays in two weeks.

One unfortunate side effect is that its made prolonged concentration a lot harder meaning that I’ve had to plan out my journeys far more than usual. If I’ve usually left an hour for a specific journey I’m now allowing an hour and a half just in case. Going to Morecambe on Tuesday was by far the worst because as soon as you get north of Preston the lack of traffic means that there is nothing to keep your attention – I’m just glad that I haven’t had any of my truly silly journeys this week as they could have been real fun.

Ah well…

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