Science to replace faith in Psychic Hugs…

If your not familiar with the concept of a Psychic Hug just for a moment mentally reach out and hug someone, feel better for doing it?

As we all know, Psychic Hugs are a matter of faith, you either hope that they will work (and get a thrill when they do) or rely on the prod aspect (shouting Psychic Hug at someone) to get the message across. But now it seems that Science! is getting in on the act.

At the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, they are developing a device that will allow you to text hugs to people. The research is limited to animals at the moment (thus creating the sight of many a pampered pooch in a personalised hug jacket), but how long until this technology invades us all.

Please, won’t someone think of the children!

On a more serious note it shows just how far the integration of technology to do everything into our lives is progressing, I’m just hoping that they also produce ASBO editions that deliver happy slaps to people who insists on sharing their music with you via mobile phone.

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