I’m a far slower reader than I used to be, not in terms of words per minute but in finding time to sit down and read without falling into the exhaustion trap – I blame technical journals. Which makes it all the more surprising that the one of the few books for a long time that I’ve found myself racing through was about economics.

Freakonomics isn’t really about economics, its more about the various factors that economists look at to try to come to an explanation about certain trends. The genius of this book however is that instead of looking at economic trends as a whole it instead focuses on the shadowy side of the economy. And makes it interesting for the casual reader.

It isn’t faultless – it has a definite liberal leaning in terms of its standpoint and conclusion, but you don’t find yourselves bludgeoned around the head with the politics, at times the authors are as keen to blame those that have created the situation as the state for allowing the situation to exist. At other times you find yourselves wondering what the point of the argument is, but these times are infrequent and for something that doesn’t have a “unifying theme” it is very coherent.

I’m just phased out by the fact that it’s a book about economics that has got me this excited.

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