First day of holidays…

Spent most of the day packing ahead of the big trip down south tomorrow, which led to the usual trials of trying to get as much stuff in as small a case as possible (hand luggage if possible) – I’m not driving for once so I’m reliant on Virgin Rail for travel. The usual exhaustion as my body gets used to the fact that I’m not working has not set in yet and I’m hoping it stays that way.

I’m both excited and absolutely terrified at the prospect of the upcoming events – twenty odd hours of heavy Germanic opera is sure to test the endurance. Tomorrow night kicks off with a two and a half hour prelude before before things really kick up a gear and we hit a five hour average (with significant breaks taking it above the six hour mark as well). Its then one night on, one night off with a break on Friday and Saturday – it doesn’t sound like much but when you consider that most of these are scheduled to start midday it’s going to be a significant part of the next two weeks.

Anyway, updates will hopefully follow, but I’m going to be out of regular web contact for the next eight days or so.

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