Once more we try drugs…

Legal ones of course.

The continuing story of the chest infection that will not die means that for the third time in a month I dragged myself to the doctors this morning – I don’t think I’ve managed such a high frequency since childhood – mainly because even I’m finally getting fed up of coughing and spluttering all the time. Doc’ isn’t too worried (the comment “Well, listening to your chest there’s nothing I can hear that disturbs me” did so much for my confidence) although if it still isn’t gone after this round of pills I’ve got to return for an x-ray.

I’ve also to avoid alcohol (I think I’ve had two pints over the last month) and caffeine, which means it’s going to be fruit juice for a while. The alcohol I don’t really mind (I’m beginning to enjoy not drinking) but a lack of coffee is going to make work an absolute bitch – how else am I supposed to get through meetings when I’ve been driving for three hours to get there?

I’m also to avoid dusty environments if possible, although he acknowledged this may be difficult with my job. Wearing a dust mask on site isn’t really an option as I’d need to keep taking it off to speak to the contractor, thankfully all of my current jobs are nearing completion so the amount of dust is at a minimum at the moment.

I’m just hoping it all works this time.

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