An end to coughing and spluttering

Hurrah, the drugs did in fact work and I now seem well on my way to recovery! I’ve made it through two whole days now without recourse to a massive coughing fit suggesting that my lungs have remembered how to work in a fully functional state, ah, the wonders of modern medicine.

Hopefully in a week or so’s time I’ll be feeling fit enough to start cycling again just in time for the break into cold weather. I’ve really missed being able to go out for an hours ride around the local sights (don’t laugh, Newcastle – like much of the UK – has plenty of hidden greenery) but somehow doubt that I will continue to enjoy good health should I decide ot venture out too far in the current weather.

In unrelated news, those of you who may be missing the sheer political might of John Prescott can remember with fondness the days when politicians didn’t care how they sounded as long as they knew they were right with this weeks Inside Stories (available on Listen Again > Radio 4) with the trials and tribulations surrounding the Manchester Super Casino, Two Jags going to Texas (‘cos he’d seen the films as a nipper yer’ no) and other assorted lunacy – can it really be only this year that this finest of political institutions finally left?

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