Once again another busy weekend has left me feeling knackered on the Monday, although there is plenty of work at the moment so very little chance of me twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do.

Friday night kicked off with Cloverfield and I’m happy to report that it is as good as I hoped it would be. Yes it’s terrifying for much of its length and a real ordeal to sit through (it makes no concessions for the feint hearted – it isn’t bloody but it will make you jump) but I cannot think of a film that had me thinking “this is so cool” for much of its running length for some time. See it on a big screen, but do not sit near the front if you suffer from motion sickness at all. Then try to figure out how they filmed some of the sequences.

Must admit to having come over all warm and fuzzy on the Friday evening when it started snowing and I realised that if it had been the previous year I’d have been outside in it trying to shepherd players toward the next set piece. Instead I was going home to a nice warm bed, a book and a glass of malt. It’s a hard life.

I had an easy day on Saturday because I knew the evening was going to be a long slog. SBN had its annual weekend-long game (the first since I’d retired) and I was asked to go back and NPC. Had a blast shouting in a very bad accent, although this left me feeling a little hoarse in the morning. Contrary to what some may say I did not shout “KHAN!” halfway through the night, but somehow the meme stuck. I did manage to bruise my back throwing myself to the ground so at least my record of weekend games = injury is sustained.

Then spent a couple of hours chatting with E and T about things before finally realising I needed sleep. Heard a lot of things that convinced me that leaving the big C UK had been one of the best decisions I’d ever been part of as if it hadn’t of happened I’d probably be in prison now doing a number of consecutive life sentences.

Sunday was badminton in the afternoon before driving over to Sheffield to meet the Gnosis lot. Spent an hour or so there before driving back home and having a quick drink before bed.

Hence, knackered.

And hacked off –  the failure of the Birmingham Hippodrome to get their website sorted means that I’ve now missed the opportunity to get tickets for Falstaff – grrrr!

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