Sabi Rock

Sometimes you spot odd things out of the corner of your eye when you are driving that just demand you do a bit of investigating.

Sometimes it is as simple as a guy standing by the side of the road on a box looking like a refugee reggae star with a cardboard sign on his chest bearing the legend

You look at him and have that flippant thought that “care in the community is a wonderful thing” – he has that look that suggests he can explain why X was murdered by Y because they were receiving messages from Pluto. In short, if one day he was standing there wearing a tinfoil hat you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. I’ve now seen him at various points dotted around the north of the Manchester orbital and each time I’ve promised that I’ll have a look for the website to see what it is all about.

Apparently he’s setting up a record label, there’s a place holder page in place that plays pleasent enough music (the man in the photo does not appear to be him), but the scrawl on the website still suggests a refugee from Unknown Armies.

Google hasn’t helped either, although it would appear that he’s been doing this for at least three years.

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