Dear AutoDesk

We have just recieved news of your new product pricing structure that will be effective from the end of the year and I must say I’m impressed – a near 85% price increase per license upgrade is a new high for you – although this time you’ve at least had the decency not to try to sell it on the back of new features. Once again we can look forward to text that doesn’t work unless we reset the width factor and hatching that doesn’t work. Congratulations on a job well done! I feel better now knowing that this price hike will be well spent on the beer and hookers your marketting department are obviously indulging in.

Yes, as an industry we have become reliant on your products and it has become the standard platform for most people, but really, have you seen that new whipper snapper coming onto the market? It’s even backed by Google so you have to take it seriously – they’ve got some serious cash to back them and I must admit from what I’ve seen its pretty good.

One last thing, could you please tell us whether future releases will be compatible with Vista out of the box? I know you gave us assurances last time, but the patch was an ugly thing to install and took a large chunk out of my day.

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