Monday means work and rest

Good things about this weekend; Parties and I haven’t injured myself (much)…

Bad things about this weekend; I’m so tired…do I have to work?

Friday was really the calm before the storm (which was good after the frantic activity at work), a bit of pre-party shopping and sitting down with the others to watch Ashes to Ashes. I’ve watched it again since and I’m still not entirely sure about it. Gene Hunt remains a fantastic creation but I fear in moving him to centre stage he may lose some of his appeal. I’m also hoping that it takes a different tack from Life on Mars and explores why this happens a bit more. Hopefully future episodes will allay my fears.

I cannot fault his choice of car though; the Audi Quattro remains a thing of beauty and an absolute design classic.

Saturday fell in to two distinct camps; party and food preparation for party. Spent a good portion of the day preparing curries whilst singing along (loudly and badly) to Gilbert & Sullivan and trying not to burn myself (failed). Produced far too much bean curry and not enough chicken, but it all went in the end. The party was great, got to catch up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen for a while, didn’t drink (still sticking to my reduction in drink policy) and sat around and chatted whilst trying to avoid the horrendous sounds of cock-rock from the other room. Got home at a fairly sensible time but still too little sleep.

Sunday was supposed to rest but injured my ankle slightly playing badminton (still hurts this morning) and then drove to Birmingham to get a blender (don’t ask). Early night scuppered by Gosford Park on TV which I’d never seen but heard was good (and was) before fitful nights sleep after I drove my ankle into the furniture.

So, back to work for a rest then?

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