Weekend 22/02/08

Friday – watched Ashes to Ashes at The Drones Club, glad to report that it is getting better with each episode as the principal character who isn’t Gene Hunt gains more of a personality. Felt to worn down from the week to stick around for Torchwood so went home and slept.

Saturday – up to Barnsley for a LARP fayre with C & K, spent very little money (far less than I expected) and only came away with a fancy sketchbook. Went to catch up with CC & R in Sheffield afterwards before hightailing it home in time to catch the second half of the rugby. Realised I hadn’t eaten for much of the day so made food and then was put off it by the Arsenal / Birmingham game tackle. Bed again.

Sunday – nothing more exciting than badminton and watching Hamlet. However, enjoyed the weekend thoroughly and now all stoked up ahead of Maelstrom next month. Must get some constructive work done this week ahead of first event.

I want more weekends like this…

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