I’m tired, but seem to have avoided the fever that I thought I’d have this this time yesterday.

It rained, snowed, hailed, was generally windy (okay – very windy) and sub-zero temperature wise for much of the weekend. Indeed the best sun was when we were packing up.

At one stage I was running a fever so hot that I cannot tell whether I was asleep and having nightmares or awake and having hallucinations – either is possible.

I now ache all over and have to catch a train tonight as I am without car until tomorrow.

On the other hand; I met up with a load of people I hadn’t seen before, managed to find a new group to become part of and made enough deals to keep me busy for the next three seasons, didn’t spend too much at the trade tents (indeed I still had money left in my wallet at the end of the weekend) and had a generally fab time. I also managed to avoid being threatened by Eidelons, mugged or loosing a limb in a freak accident. I saw the prototype balloon (but missed the fireworks due to aforementioned fever) and only have one cut this weekend – no bruises!

Next events June then, when it will be warmer.

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