Dear Autodesk (again…)

Once again a shiny new version (2009, imaginative title guys) has landed on my desk – which I must admit came as something on a surprise considering that the last version is less than six months old – forcing me to go through the same old tired installation process as usual, re-configuring all my settings because your migration policy seems to have an effect on everything, yes, including Outlook once again. Ah well, I’m always happy to write off a portion of my day to deal with IT troubles.

On opening I must say it looks very different. You seem to have gone for what I refer to as “Vista Chic”. Sure it looks pretty but I can’t find a fucking thing – more productivity will doubtless be lost as I try to find all the tools that I know and love. Also, and lets be frank, the new File Menu sucks. Where as previously I could hit the Alt key, type in the first letter etc. now that doesn’t work because its all hidden behind your sparkly new “AutoDesk” button. Is this supposed to be subliminal advertising for your product, because guess what?

I’m already using it!

I may however start looking for an alternative that takes up less of my time dealing with the pointless crap you keep giving us.

Sorry, slipped a little there – back to the matter in hand. Lets discuss, The Steering Wheel. Wow, all that money on R&D and you produce a little feature that uses vast amounts of processing power to do something that I could previously do just by typing “Z”. Once again its a case of change for change sake. No one has really thought about how your average user approaches the product. We don’t want fancy gimmicks, we want stability and less bugs than the previous version.

I’ve still not found the bugs, I’ve not had the heart to go looking for them. However I’m sure there are plenty, there is after all a 53% increase in the amount of space that the installation takes up compared to previous versions.

Anyway, enough of my initial impressions. I’m sure that once I’ve used it for a couple of weeks I’ll have got used to its little foibles and resigned myself to the fact that hey, it’s better than 2010 will be…

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