Late April, 2008

It’s been a while since my last update, not because I’ve been too busy to sit down and do one, but because in many ways I’ve been a lazy bugger and haven’t gotten around to it – things may change. Actually, scratch the last bit – I’ve been trying to be more active elsewhere.

Work continues apace, although I’m now getting a bit more me time by catching the train to work on days when I’m in the office – this is not a long term, everyday strategy – in order to spend less time behind the wheel. Trains seem to have improved a little since I last caught them on a regular basis, as has the Metro. However I suspect that my opinion may change when the newness of it all wears off. Having said that I’m still averaging three days a week out of the office, but this has managed to reduce my mileage a little and has also meant I’ve been able to read more than normal. Cardiff & Morecambe sadly remain the two most popular destinations, although I can now confirm that Morecambe does at least on one day of the year receive sunlight.

A meeting in Dunstable meant that once again I was forced to visit Oxford beforehand. Stayed with S this time, did not in any way shape or form have a little too much to drink (not drunken, but definitely a little worse for wear)and discovered a shared taste in music (much to the horror of others afterwards). S may also have got me slightly addicted to the horror that is “Britain’s Got Talent” – I managed a whole twenty minutes of it on Saturday and feel slightly unclean as a result.

The office move around proved to be a complete ball ache, a week later I’m still sorting out bits of networking on occasion. Having said that not as much went wrong as we expected, and we can all talk to each without the aid of megaphones now, which is a big improvement. Desk is even a little tidier.

Away from work it’s been the usual mix. Went to see a new opera (Into The Little Hill – I’ll return to that at a later stage) and In Bruges, which I am categorically not recommending to anyone that I wish to talk to again. It is gloriously offensive and all the better for it. Again, I may return to it later.

The quest for a fitness regime continues. Attempted to get bike sorted on Saturday only to be told that the parts on it were non-standard and would cost a small fortune, necessitating a new frame / crank / derailleur et al, so ended up buying a new bike. Lot better than the last one, but bloody hell the saddles hard at the moment. Broke it in with round trip to Drones Club, but has rained ever since – I must persevere!

And that’s about it really – doesn’t seem like much when I look at it like that.

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