I appear to be feeling quite chipper at the moment.

Life is indeed good, despite my argument to the contrary on Friday following certain political outcomes (I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ignore them when they are ranting and try to explain my point clearly and rationally then what’s the worst that can happen…humour me). No, life is good and there are many things to celebrate!

Work; less hectic than it has been of late and the regime of catching the train on days when I am in the office seems to have paid dividends. I have been able to relax a lot more, have read a lot more (even so far as to making a considerable dent in Ulysses) and have more energy. The various jobs I have are going well for the most part (M I’m looking at you) and I feel a little more fulfilled at the moment. Best of all it is only just over a month until my holiday and all that entails.

Exercise; in an effort to be more healthy I am continuing to cycle and seem to have gotten into the swing of things. Current goal is 40 miles by the end of the summer as a standard mornings run, 20 for an evening. Despite the best efforts of this weekend (more later) I am also attempting to reduce my alcohol intake and eat healthier. This may be easier said than done.

Geeks; in a move that is sure to shock some elements of the geek community, the Eve corporation that I am part of met for real (actual face to face) at the weekend – and not for a LAN party. Crazy Danes were introduced to the wonders of Bakewell and Buxton and a good time was had by all. I also am now officially a bad influence have managed to get a significant number of them drunk at The Brown Jug. I on the other hand having safely delivered them all to taxis went back and continued drinking.

They had a chocolate flavoured malt beer, it tasted gorgeous.

Everything else; was down in Oxford again on Monday. Spent an awfully long time talking to S which was wonderful before drinking even more cocktails. Busy weekend again this week with trips to see the White Lions, J’s Birthday Bash on Saturday amongst the many delights.

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