Don’t point, you’ll only provoke him…

Ah, Dave Sim – how I missed your crazy.

For those of you unaware as to who he is, Dave Sim is the writer / artist / creator of Cerebus The Aardvark, a comic that ran from the mid seventies till the mid nineties and was groundbreaking for two principle things;

1) The length (three hundred issues) was determined by the writer early on, as was the fact that the principal character would die in the last issue.
2) That it retained the same writer throughout.

Now, for those of you who are aware of who he is, I will address those concerns in a moment, but for now will comment for every word that gets written about the genius of Alan Moore an equal amount should be written about Sim. His was a massive undertaking never before or since attempted. The fact that he maintained an almost constant quality for nigh on twenty five years should be applauded – even if you did find that certain issues made you want to throw them across the room in disgust. You see, Sim has issues, and most of those issues are to do with women.

Now, Sim has long been accused of being a misogynist – and to be fair anyone who actually has read his work will have to agree. Coupled with a strange take on religion, a mental breakdown that he refused to seek help for along the way and a messy divorce he developed a long standing distrust of women that is best described here. Sim has long denied this, stating that he’s merely telling an uncomfortable truth. Most of us ignored this and continued to look at the pretty pictures, Sim is nothing if not a fine draughtsman.

However his latest salvo can be found here, and as a defence goes it is pretty ropey. It is also conclusive proof if any more was needed that Dave Sim is indeed a bit of a loon.

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