Weekend 9/05/08 – 11/05/08

Has summer arrived early? Is it too much to hope that we will continue to have this weather for the next few months? Where is my usual attack of hay fever?

Yet another fun filled weekend, although I did manage to grab more of a rest than normal so aren’t quite as tired this week. I also suspect this may have something to do with my non alcoholic regime and increased exercise giving me a quick boost – time will tell.

Friday we all went down to Stafford and met up with The White Lions for a couple of drinks. Sat around chatting for most of the evening and it looked as if everyone else managed to get pleasantly tipsy. Much discussion of Maelstrom (unsurprisingly) along with the relative merits of Pearl Jam versus Soundgarden (both of whom I must confess to having little appreciation for) and the Nirvanha hype – i.e. a typical drunken conversation for some. Arrived home far too late considering what time I’d gotten up that day and just about made it to bed before collapsing. Still woke up at the crack of dawn the next day.

Started the day with a cycle ride before spending the afternoon catching up on sleep, was only almost run over twice (once again by 4×4’s deciding not to move but rather force me off the road) and only one car door opened on me (I suspect the bugger even waited). Mooched around the shops for a while before sleeping and found “Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine”, which is every bit as barmy as it sounds. Subjected everyone else to it on the trip north to J’s 30th shenanigans (which were fabulous). Caught up with a few people I hadn’t seen for a while and enjoyed being in Manchester, I see it far too rarely at night for my liking. Home again and a marginally earlier night. Crack of dawn loomed large.

Sunday started with an early pre-traffic cycle before catching up on Doctor Who (not sure about, the whole daughter thing was cleared up a little too quickly for my liking). Met S in the afternoon but failed to see monkeys as she’d gotten caught in traffic on the way. Walked around Trentham and up to the Sutherland Monument where we sat and chatted for a couple of hours before she had to head home. Home myself and watched The Invisibles – still wondering where its going to go but Anthony Stewart Head remains a joy to watch.


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