Iron Man

First out of the traps for Summer 2008 comes Iron Man – a risky proposition for a fledgling studio to base its strategy around two $150 million movies in a summer dominated by heroes. It works better than we could have expected due mainly to Robert Downey Jr. He’s deserved to have been given a second shot at the big time for a while now and this works like a charm.

As per most other big summer releases the plot doesn’t stand up to much examination, but this sometimes doesn’t matter when you have things such as characterisation and sparkly dialogue. In fact only the ending fails to work, mainly because you get the sense they had to give him something to fight or it wouldn’t work (see many peoples problems with Superman Returns).

The effects really are flawless, with none springing to mind as an obvious choice in order to provide a money shot for the advert. The suit itself has been lovingly rendered in a way to get technology / engineering freaks hearts racing – all clean lines and retro colours.

Only complaint? The obvious product placement for Audi, only the TT failed to secure a spot out of the recently released range as a focus on screen. The R8 gets a lot of love (including a look at the engine, complete with the big V8 sign) but the A5 and Q7 also put in notable appearances. Dell continue their domination of the on-screen computer market.

I predict that this will be the most fun super’s film of the year. Hulk doesn’t do anything for me (the pedigree of the director leaving a lot to be desired) but I suspect The Dark Knight will edge it out quality wise. However, 1/1 in the summer tent pole events.

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