Speed Racer

The second of the big tent pole movies out of the gate, and the first serious flop of the summer (financially) isn’t the film you’re expecting. Advertised on the back of the directors Matrix pedigree it’s somewhat understandable why some have been put off by this – it’s not dark and violent, rather a bright neon fantasy.

It’s also really rather fab.

Yes, I liked it and I make no apologies for doing so – how can you hate a film that has a random ninja attack half way through just because that’s the cool thing to do?

Do not expect deep plotting or complex characterisation, you won’t find them. What you will find though is a plot that doesn’t really on twists to give a false perception of depth and characters that you’ll actually grow to like. These are not the reasons for seeing it though.

If bullet time redefined the way action was shot, photo-anime will have as big an impact. Bright cartoon inspired visuals dominate and for once the CG doesn’t get in the way. Where other films blur the action to hide the join between whats real and not, this embraces its artificiality to provide you with a pin sharp image at all times. It’s bright, fast and flashy, but never headache inducing. In five years time this may be talked about as one of the most influential films in terms of effects and visualisation to come out of the decade, a true live action cartoon.

Kids will love it, adults willing to look at it like a kid will probably love it as well.

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