Catch up

A lot has happened since my last post, so lots of update stuff (some of which I’ll deal with separately). However for those of you in need of the short version of events – I had a good holiday, I’m feeling (semi) relaxed, work continues to stress me out, some minor aches & pains.

Maelstrom was wonderful – having taken the plunge and joined a larger colony (Freeport for those in the know) meant that I had a lot more to do. Things are still taking off with regards long term plans, but are at least moving in the right direction. The loss of the remaining members of my previous colony means that I now also have a nice personnel item to deal with (revenge!) that I can keep on the back burner until the time is right. Next event is in five (?) weeks, but need to find a local swimming pool before then as a priority to the poor on site facilities (and continued fitness regime), the showers at Tolmers are fairly rank and there’s only so much luxury I’m willing to do without.

Avoiding drink proved difficult (there is only so much at Maelstrom you can take before drink becomes necessary) but have remained sober since – still, bad bunny! (In all seriousness, didn’t drink too much and always with others about – still feel guilty about it however).

Spent a couple of days afterwards at home relaxing (well, aside from continued cycling) before heading south for long weekend. Couple of days at K’s where I went to see Waiting For The Barbarians (dealt with separately) and mooched about a bit before heading south to see B&G (well, B only as it turned out G was at his brothers stag do) for weekend. Didn’t get to see as much of London as I’d have hoped, but did manage to tick off another Nicholas Grimshaw building from the list of those I’d seen – definitely my favourite of the High-Tech crowd from the 1980’s. Still love The Tube and wish that The Metro was even half as efficient.

B is gloriously pregnant but having the crap kicked out of her by demon child. Still was nice to play catch up and just sit around and relax. Saw Gone Baby Gone whilst there (again, dealt with separately), but mainly sat around and chatted (her current state means that she needs rest fairly often). Felt so relaxed afterwards.

Drove back before work the next day and that was my week off over. Next one looks like being October if I pull my finger out and book things before then.

Work proved a little stressful to return to and spend far too long on Tuesday / Wednesday driving, which meant it took longer than normal to play catch up. Did manage to catch up with S however, wonderful company as always. Weekend was spent seeing C after her operation and meeting K’s new niece – glad to report that K looked thoroughly perplexed when left holding the baby. Managed to do a decent bit of cycling (including up onto the moors) despite it pissing it down with rain but have since popped my knee so having to take it easy for a couple of days. Second week of work beckons…

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