My bike is trying to kill me…

Two attempts this week. First off I land funny off a series of steps on Monday, and (according to a friendly physiotherapist I know) have probably strained some lateral ligaments around the knee. Hurts like a bugger whenever I pivot on the right leg but other than that…

Second attempt last night. Off the kerb at the end of a cycle lane and the rear derailleur shears from the replaceable hanger, stopping the back wheel dead and pitching me forward, which in turn pitches the bike forward meaning I have to do a swift pounce from it in order to avoid a base over apex situation. Wouldn’t have been too bad except was going at a fair rate of knots at the time. Land on right leg funny again, further strain.

However I’m now safe as bike is back at Friendly Local Bike Shop (TM) that I bought it from who have said it’s a straight forward warranty issue. Currently being repaired and should have it back by Wednesday. Hurrah for small, enthusiast run businesses!

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