General Update

Okay, quite a bit to catch up on from last time so here goes.

Work: Seems good at the moment, despite a couple of issues I’d prefer not to go into. The general slow down in the building industry doesn’t appear to have affected us yet, but others in the house building industry are dropping at a rate of knots. I’m still busy, but in a few weeks will be doing a lot less travelling – which has both its good and bad points. One job seems to be likely to cause problems in the future as the contractor doesn’t seem to want to start on site and cannot understand the concept of when I’m on holiday, but as it’s upside in another area that means I’m really not going to complain.

Cinema: Went to see The Orphanage with S. Would like to point out for the record that it was not my idea to go to see a Spanish language horror film, although I certainly did not object. Fantastic little film, very like “The Devils Backbone” (unsurprising as it was produced by Del Toro) that was only let down by an uplifting ending. Lose the last five minutes and this would be one of the bleakest films for a long time and we both felt would have been much the better for it. The ending does make sense however with regards the Peter Pan analogy that runs throughout. And scary button-eyed child is terrifying.

Needless to say, S was wonderful company as always.

Opera: I’m not usually one for updated librettos, but Don Giovanni as a magic act worked better than I expected. Very much inspired by “The Prestige” with some wonderful stage magic and the loss of the horrendous harpsichord accompaniment during the dialogue elements making it all the better. Lack of a full orchestra (never really going to happen at The New Vic) was felt, but really, really enjoyed it. Not sure if it’s touring. Must have worked however as I’ve been humming it ever since.

Health: Sober apart from Maelstrom. Cycle is no longer trying to kill me (although I’ve had to take it apart substantially after grit got in the bottom bracket) following a ford being a lot deeper than I originally thought. Have commenced swimming again and shoulders ache as a result. Generally good.

Maelstrom: A good weekend in general, despite being killed with only an hour left till time out and having survived the previous night being hunted by the major military force in the campaign. Was really beginning to get somewhere as well. Unfortunately was killed by the equivalent of WoW gankers in the system – no real attempt to say sorry beyond a perfunctory “sorry”. When you consider that the people responsible had lost all of their characters the day before and where then taken for drinks by those responsible as part of the usual social-contract that goes on at these things you become a little pissed with the situation. Still, using this as an opportunity to buy / make more costume, although I have no idea what I’m going to do next.

For the record, everyone else was wonderful about this and spent time making sure I was okay.

Other: Erm, not much to report really apart from the fact that I passed by CSCS exam, although given the questions I’d have been more surprised if I hadn’t.

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