Feeling more chipper today – new month and all that – certainly a lot less introspective than I did yesterday. Long, long talk with Little Sister last night sort of put the world to rights (at least temporarily), plus feel that at least I know where I stand with something that’s been occupying a lot of my time recently, so even if I’m less than pleased with the outcome there is at least some relief in that I’m no longer pre-occupied with standing on eggshells all the time. Plus my major concern surrounding this whole affair has not materialised, a friendship has not been lost.

August is shaping up to be a busy month. Wedding this weekend, works do the weekend after, leaving do after that all the way through to Maelstrom at the start of September. Plus work is going to be very busy, the partners on holiday for two and a half weeks from next week and to say that the building industry is interesting at the moment is an understatement. There are some very wobbly looking companies out there. However further distractions may be needed – do not be offended if I turn them down – so looking for more to do. However I do apologise if I seem tired, stressed and snappy – things really are that hectic.

Maelstrom is going to be fun. Plenty of new ideas for future character but more importantly it saw the re-emergence of something that I hadn’t seen for a long time, the side that just decides to fuck with things just for the hell of it. Spent a long time on the phone last night talking to SSB about big plans and by the end of it I’d added so much to the plan to make it even more dodgy that I had a massive grin on my face. I haven’t schemed like this for a long time and it feels wonderful. If we can only pull off a tenth of what we’ve got planned I’ll be happy.

Plus, first Gathering at the end of the month. Going to take it in a more relaxed fashion than Maelstrom, more a weekend away with friends than anything.

Bike is broken again following a swipe from a tree on Sunday, but as I can’t plan anything this weekend that’s not too bad. It’s being repaired on Monday and then I’m going to use the increased amount of time I’m spending in Wales to throw myself down some different mountains. Hopefully I may actually improve at this lark enough that I’m not constantly injuring myself. I’ve also received an offer for a trip to Snowdon at the end of the month, but will instead be at The Gathering. Winter Hill is also looking a possibility this month as well. Repairs are also been taken as an opportunity to slowly upgrade bike over time – target weight of 26lbs – before upgrading the frame to something lighter.

I’ve also finally started to look at my trip to Berlin. I’d got the basics of it all planned, but certain unknowns meant that I wasn’t being as pro-active on this front as I could have been. Still looking to go away around my Birthday, just need to finalise some details. Have also received offers for other trips elsewhere so not short on holiday destinations.

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