I love a good wedding, even more so when it’s friends as opposed to family as I don’t have all the attendant family issues / feuds that are inevitable when there are so many of you as there are in my extended family.

A & T finally tied the knot this weekend (quite literally in fact) after eight years as a couple. Both Bride & Groom looked stunning and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Even better there weren’t any of the typical instances that usually happen at weddings where someone gets drunk and makes a fool of themselves, maybe that’s a sign of increasing maturity (then again).

It was also good to be able to catch up with a lot of people that I don’t get to see all too often these days. Everyone has gone their different ways (as you do in life) so these types of get together are all too rare these days. However it feels comforting to know that whenever we get together things seem to return to their previous state and everyone just gets along with things. Best of all everyone seems to be at a good stage in their life currently, so that’s good to know.

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