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I was trying to discuss this last night with C but without actual examples it’s pretty hard to have the discussion. So here goes, even if you don’t particularly like Obama you’ve got to admit that he’s got better Graphic Designers working for him. Whether he’s actually got an eye for design himself is debatable, but someone on his staff certainly does and his campaign posters are better by a country mile.

Let’s start with the campaign logo for Obama.


Lets be fair now, McCain does win points for having his name as his logo, but then Obama is banking on the fact that the symbol will almost become his name. It’s a strong image, uses the Red, White & Blue (deflecting the anti-American sentiment that is sometime attributed to him by the various fake mails doing the rounds) but more importantly is the same shape as a badge, it’s made to go on lapels.

The posters are even more striking – McCain has only just admitted that he needs something beyond his campaign logo so I can’t find any legitimate examples of his at the moment (but will return with some when I find them to show I’m partisan on the matter!). I suppose this gives a fairly boring image more publicity but it doesn’t really grab you out of the box. Obama’s on the other hand are just a beautiful pieces of work.


It’s striking, you certainly can’t ignore it. I honestly can’t find a fault with it, it’s both modern and traditional, it tells you who the candidate is and puts a face to the name. It’s got the campaign slogan on it, it’s easy to replicate and will look good on walls, t-shirts, mouse-mats, in fact pretty much anything. Even more beautiful is the second one produced by Scott Hansen;


The only thing that both possibly have against them is that they have a faint whiff of Communist and Nazi Propaganda Posters from the 30’s / 40’s, but even so they are just beautiful pieces of art in their own right, as were a lot of the classic images from the Stalinist period (this is not an endorsement of it).

More of Hansen’s beautiful work can be found here.

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