Weekend 15/08/2008

Last week was ludicrously busy – to the point where Thurday turned into a nineteen hour work day. The building industry continues its downward spiral and we’re all pretty much clinging on for dear life. Things are getting interesting. Anyhow, weekends have become even more important as a result.

Home from Cardiff on Friday and managed to grab forty winks before the weekend began despite the best efforts of VFest traffic. Dragged C & K up to Manchester for P & T’s farewell bash. Good night although far too tired to turn it into a late one. Zombie JFK seemed to go down well (although not in the chip shop when I returned home). Was good to catch up with everyone and T’s random American friends were very nice. Must also say that Sacred Trinity is very, very impressive – can’t believe that I’ve only just come across it after all this time in Manchester.

Saturday was a planned easy day. Drove C down to Birmingham then went for a chuckabout on Cannock Chase. Been meaning to do this for a couple of months but only just gotten around to it, will certainly be going back though. Nice scenery, even nicer trails and apart from nearly being run over by a deer far safer than my normal route. Had a go on the Red Run, but thought better than trying the Black one. Saw a few nutters who were doing the whole dirt jumping thing. Have decided I may be crazy but I’m not that crazy. Got a little lost towards the end so need to take a map next time.

Afterwards drove back in Stafford to discuss Maelstrom type goodness with The White Lions. Thoroughly pleasent night but still too whacked from the week to do much of anything. Good to meet people outside of events though and good laugh had by all. Very much looking forward to the next event.

Sunday I actually rested. Small cycle to the Drones, but nothing too tiring. Slept for the majority of the afternoon before pootling about on Eve during the evening. Grabbed a relatively early night ahead of another manic week at work.

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