Playing catch-up

It’s been a fair while since I’ve been able to sit down and write something – technically I’m at work at the moment but it’s Friday and I’ve almost cleared my desk – mainly because work has been keeping me busy and away from basic things like computers that allow me to play catch up. Things are beginning to calm down but I’m still averaging three days out of the office per week and last month I did over two and a half thousand miles on the company dime.

Which led to my illness, which whilst I dragged myself back to work meant I was too tired to really do anything when I got home. A fortnight later and I’ve only just gotten back on my bike as I’ve been feeling to feak and weeble to even risk a chuckabout. I have however consolled myself by buying new shinies on the upgrade path – just need to get around to fitting them.

Away from work there isn’t much to report. Maelstrom was fun as always, but the sheer amount of mud meant it was difficult to maintain energy levels through the constant slog. Once again I don’t think I’d have survived without the facilities of the nearby health centre which at least meant that I got a decent shower each morning. The on site facilities are truly awful at Tolmers. Had great fun playing a secondary on the Saturday, but dreading if any photo’s of him emerge – a saucepan, a piece of rope and a spoon do not look good no matter how you try to dress it up.

Marginally easier going this weekend, BBQ at the Southport Office tonight and party tomorrow (still need to figure out what to cook)mean that I should be able to get some relaxation in. Actually, I will get some in, even if I have to force myself to do so. Next week looks scary – even by the standards of the last few weeks – with trips to Cardiff, Reading & Canterbury all looming large.

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