Stir crazy

For better or worse, the last six months I’ve averaged three days a week out of the office and on site. This has now been cut to zero as all projects are on hold.

So I’m in the office full time at the moment. The good side of this is that I’m only doing my contracted hours as I’m not travelling here, there and everywhere or having to play catch up when I’m in the office.

I am however going stir crazy. I’m considering buying a metal mug just to rattle against the side of my screen whenever it starts to get to me. The lack of phonecalls / email about work is also noticeable – I’m finding myself actually doing drawings, it’s a strange experience after all this time, I seem to remember this from university, but I┬ácan’t be sure.

Interviews haven’t begun yet, the partners are still trying to figure out the criteria of the interviews. Morale has improved however as everyone is nw just getting on with things rather than moping about.

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