Late September

Plenty to catch up on, although no real news on some fronts despite time since last major update – so I’ll crack on.

Work; the news is that there is no news – we’ve still to go through the interview procedure but we do know that the Partners are now setting out their criteria for the interviews. The talk is still of 6 – 8 redundancies, but that is all we know at the moment.

On a related note, the client that effectively dropped us into this situation had to report to the city last week and their share price immediately halved as a result. An emergency loan has now been provided by one of the major investors so it doesn’t seem like they’ll go under – which was a fear at one point – but they are on shaky ground. However, development is off the books until February at the minimum meaning that we continue to work at risk for them, as do a number of contractors.

On a final work point, the place that shall not be named has relocated from the north of Manchester to Cardiff – it is officially the worst job I have ever been involved in. The only people who will make money from this contract now will be solicitors.

Life; pretty good now that I’m over the initial shock of the above, although less than chipper at times when I get unduly worried about things. Understandably, I am doing fewer hours than of late so my body is actually beginning to recover. I am still sleeping a lot but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Have been trying to keep busy away from work, getting a few books read that I’ve always meant to (including “One Hundred Days Of Solitude” which was wonderful). Generally keeping busy and trying not to sit around too much.

Cycling; Continuing to lose weight through cycling, but a couple of recent injuries have meant that I have not got out as much as I would like (although I did do The Gritstone Trail the other weekend), but continue to enjoy it when I do. Plus, still making small upgrades here and there – there’s a set of Juicy 5’s waiting to fixed to it for some much needed stopping power – although braking is becoming part of the problem.

The two injuries – twisted ankle and bruised back fairly thoroughly the other weekend and had to limp home afterwards which compounded the problem. Last weekend managed to put the Mark of Zorro into my knee going down a flight of stairs – yes I know. As a curious aside I have now found that I no longer bruise immediately but they emerge later in the week, which can make for some surprises when I get in the shower in the morning (usually along the lines of “Where the hell did I do that?”).

Next week I’m off to Dublin for a few days before my birthday so will be throwing myself down some Irish mountains instead – for once I’ve actually bothered getting travel insurance.

And that’s about it really – more updates as and when there’s anything to report really.

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