Week off

So a very busy week with much to catch up on. Have been off work but keeping very busy, feel utterly relaxed and ready to deal with everything that work is throwing up at the moment (which I will return to later).

Quick trip to the cinema to see Death Race. Wasn’t really expecting much (Paul W S Anderson being but a pale shade compared to Paul Thomas Anderson) so was pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite watchable. He still has an awful taste on music but this time at least realised we actually have to like the main character. My only complaint isn’t really about the film but about the fact that it seems a further slide down the slippery slope into an American style ratings system that the BBFC has taken – remember that violence is good, sex is bad!

An wonderful week was spent in Dublin and the Wicklow Mountains, now feel full of the joys of Spring – which makes it strange that it now finally seems to be becoming Autumn – and calm and serene. Spent a couple of days pootling around the city and a few days cycling in the Wicklow’s. Happy to report that on the latter front I am now up to nine days without a cycling related injury. Managed to see most of the things I wanted to in Dublin, especially Kilmainham Gaol which was just a superb way to spend a few hours, feeling less like a prison than a real-life Piranesi drawing. “The Spire” by Ian Ritchie was also very good, I’ve never really been that impressed by it when I’ve seen photographs or drawings but in the flesh it is far more impressive.

Food & drink was wonderful, The Porterhouse Brewery being particularly wonderful (especially the Oyster Stout). Ate & drank far too much but feel all the better for it, but it made getting up the mountains the day afterwards far harder.

Company in pubs was very good.

Cycling in the Wicklow’s was fun, but do not under any circumstances believe the ratings that they give to trails, they are far more difficult than they are actually listed as being. Having said that the scenery was stunning with an unexpected bonus – a quiz regarding the same will follow! As stated managed to successfully not injure myself, a friend as later commented that my bike may be possessed by a vengeful spirit that demands either blood or new parts as a regular sacrifice.

Home for the weekend and birthday. Lovely relaxed weekend with many fine hours spent on Saturday night at a party drinking Whisky Sours – and no hangover the next day – in fine company. Went on a ride yesterday to make the most of the fine weather and last day of holiday before sitting down to relax and watch Peter Kay’s latest offering. Unsure as to how I feel about it, didn’t feel as sharp as it could be but was still laugh out loud television at times.

Back to work this morning for a more relaxed day than normal.

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